Tuesday, February 22, 2005

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This is copied from the "About" link.  It's the first entry.

Where did the name Tailfeathers come from?  A song I heard in the 1970's...

Wearing my long tailfeathers as I fly,

Wearing my long tailfeathers as I fly,

I circle around,

I circle around,

I circle around the earth.

I believe the song is Native American in origin; however, I am Euro-something in origin.

We live in Chico, California, which is in the North-Central part of
the state. It's a university slash farming town, known for almonds and
drunk students.

Before coming to Chico, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and
made a living as a software engineer... for 31 years. Enough is enough,
so I'm retired and working part time at our local public library (check
'em in, check 'em out).


Jazz & Classical Music,

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