Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Friday night lights

I saw the movie "Friday Night Lights", starring Billie Bob Thornton and a large supporting cast of fit young men.  It makes football look terrible.  It's about the small town of Odessa, TX, which is crazy about their high school football team... and has been for generations.  This town is obsessed with football.  One man tells his son that his last year of high school football might be the high point of his entire life.  How depressing is that?  Yes, there is the "big game" at the end of the movie, but you'll have to watch it to see whether they win or lose.

Weather yesterday was gorgeous, and promises to be just as nice today (45F, 73H at 8:00 am, clear and sunny).

I checked the new lettuce plants yesterday, and it looks like something slimy is eating them (snails!).  I put some snail bait out because I'm too lazy to go out there in the cold night or early morning air to squish the little buggers.  Here's what two of the four plants look like now.

In other countries, child labor is used for snail and insect patrol.  They use less poison, but child labor is frowned upon around here, and besides, I don't have any kids.

More chores for the garden:  Find the part of the drip system that I sliced while digging last Fall.  I think all I'll have to do is turn on the drip system and dig around until I find water spouting out of a hose without a drip head.

... and the news is all bad lately ...

Did you hear that the Feds are paying a $15,000 re-enlistment bonus to National Guardsmen who sign up for another few years?  Is that how much a life is worth?

Did you hear that So. Korea is thinking about slowing down its purchases of dollar-denominated securities?  The dollar and the US market took a dive on that one!  I guess I should have bought a precious metals fund after all.  The only security I own that went up yesterday was an International Stock Fund, Dodge & Cox.

In the local news, a Chico State freshman nearly died from an overdose of alcohol.  And people wonder why CSUC has a reputation as a party school!

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