Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar Night and State Assemblymen

The Oscars were fun to watch for the first time in a few years.  We had seen almost all the nominees so we had opinions: that anybody who won deserved it. 

Chris Rock isn't my idea of the perfect host.  I prefer Whoopie Goldberg, Johnny Carson, or Bob Hope.

Highlights of the broadcast:  Carlos Santana -- wow! He's still one of my all time favorites.  I wasn't familiar with Beyonce, but she was a nice surprise, apparently toned down, musically, from her normal pop stuff.

... In today's Chico news...

Butte County's state assemblyman, Republican Rick Keene, is introducing a bill to require identification when a person shows up to vote.  Right now all you have to do is sign your name and give your address.  He says showing ID would prevent voter fraud.

Our local  Clerk-Recorder Candace Grubbs says there isn't a voter fraud problem in Butte County.

So Keene is introducing a bill for which we do not have a need.  I think our assemblymen should be fined each time they introduce an unnecessary bill (this one appears to be a news magnet for Keene and nothing more).  Just to be fair, they could be paid for each unnecessary law they strike from the books.

... and they could forfeit a portion of their salary for each day the budget is behind schedule... and being paid at all could depend on whether or not the budget is balanced.

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