Sunday, March 27, 2005

Day of rest

What does one do on the first day off in a week?

  1. Update the firmware on the Palm Treo 650.

  2. Walk to the hardware store to buy ant poison and hope the cats don't think the little bait houses are toys.

  3. Replace the Dish Network DVR because the one you had was kaput...
    only the replacement is in worse shape than the original, so you spend
    some time on the phone with technical support and decide to revert to
    the originally kaput box until the 2nd replacement arrives in a few

  4. Update Documents To Go application and try putting documents on the
    expansion card of the Treo 650.  The documents are tiny on the Treo,
    but very readable.

  5. Wash sheets and make the bed.

  6. Watch Persy and Ruso chase each other around the house, leaving little fluffs of fir in their wake.

  7. Watch the clouds and listen to the wind as yet another storm moves into the area.  Turn the upstairs heat all the way up to 70F.

  8. Eat sugary candy purchased for you by a loving friend as an Easter sweet.

  9. Read "Dog Eat Dog" by Laurien Berenson, a so-so mystery.  I still don't know who did it and I'm half way through the book.

  10. Most important:  take a nap.

... and wish everybody a HAPPY EASTER!

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