Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Day spent outside, mostly

Went for a walk...

Bidwell Path Before it got too windy today we went for a walk in Bidwell Park.  The part of the park shown on the left is actually an old orchard that is going back to nature.  There are several old trees of indeterminant type, like the one on the right in this picture.

Bidwell Horse Crossing

The park is open to horses.  There are a couple of stables close to the park.  Also, locals trail their horses to the park just to ride in this lovely environment.

That tree with the white flowers behind the horse crossing sign is some kind of fruit tree... again of indeterminant type.  I sure wish I knew my trees better!

Bidwell Milk Vetch with butterfly

These purple flowers were in a sunny spot.  The butterflies just loved them.  It was like standing in a butterfly migration path.

Also on the outside agenda today...

I pulled up some primroses that were "done", and put some daisies in their place.  At the nursery I bought a rose to replace the maple tree that is dying in the back yard.  The rose is peachy colored and called "Chris Evert".  Also picked up a couple of bell pepper plants to put in the ground in a week or so when the danger of frost is past.

Yikes!  It's tax time...

I think Turbo Tax is just wonderful.  I was able to help Jan do her taxes in about an hour.  I'll do mine next week.

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