Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Garden growing and wireless keyboard

As I write tonight's entry, I'm listening to classical music from England via the Internet.  I just love computers!

... Outside....

The Garden is doing nicely, in spite of the wind and rain we've been having.

The columbine are in bloom.   I tried to get a picture of the inside
of a flower, but I would have had to stand on my head, which probably
would have blurred the image.

The peony in the front courtyard is getting ready to open!

... Inside....

I've been playing with a new wireless keyboard I got for the Palm
Treo 650.  It works, so I should be able to take it with me and have a
tiny little computer on the road.  Very nice.

It's connected
to the palm with an infra red signal.  It keys like a normal keyboard,
and there are function keys for Palm functions.  I would worry about
using the phone and the keyboard at the same time, since the Treo 650
phone function will cause the thing to reboot pretty easily.

Here's what the keyboard looks like all closed up.  For perspective, that's my old stapler from IBM -- a keepsake :-)

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