Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm Back

Ah, it's good to be away from home for a little while!

We went on a quick driving tour to see the flowers in the desert of
Southern California.  The flowers were reported to be special this year
because of all the rain in So. CA.  More pictures are in my Webshots Photo Album, "Desert Spring, March 2005".

We visited the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in Southern
California.  It was alive with poppies and other wildflowers.  The
hills were the color of whatever flower was blooming there... yellow,
white, orange.

Then we went to Joshua Tree National Park.  The
Joshua Trees were blooming, and so were the wildflowers, but the rocks
are the most interesting thing in the park!

Next was Anza Borrego State Park, which is almost in Mexico it is so
far into Southern California.  The flowers were out, and it was a
pleasure to drive through the park's mountains.

Finally, we headed north along the Eastern side of the Sierra Mountains on Highway 395.

It was good to see snow and mountains again, and to drive over the Sierra's through conifer forests and snow.

... gas wasn't cheap, but driving a Toyota Prius dulled the pain a little.  We averaged around 45 mpg over about 1600 miles.

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