Monday, March 14, 2005

Knitting and Gardening

... I finally finished Jan's socks....

They are made of Regia wool and poly-something.  I put surger thread in the heels to keep them from wearing thin too soon.

And now, for something completely new for me:

This is Cheryl Oberle's "Sampler Tabard"
from A GATHERING OF LACE.  The book was "gathered" by Meg Swansen with
photography by Alexis Xenakis.  It's a beautiful book, but if you plan
to knit from it, be sure and get the corrections (pdf) from the XRX books web site.

... around the garden....

I took a tour of the garden this morning.  Here are some of the pictures. 

  • I bought a tree peony to replace an ugly shrub in the front courtyard.  It already has buds (will be white), and the nurseryman said it would be green and leafy all summer after the flowers have finished.

  • It's really windy today, but the front door area is sheltered.   That's where the geraniums are blooming, and they look good this time of year.

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