Monday, April 18, 2005

Amsterdam #1

Monday, April 18th, 9PM Amsterdam.....................

We FINALLY arrived in Amsterdam.  We switched planes in London, with a 2 hour wait, then arrived in Amsterdam in late afternoon. 

River Melody Upon arriving on the MS River Melody, we unpacked and went ustairs to the lounge for the "safety talk", and tomorrow's Port Talk. 

Then there was dinner, which was delicious - 4 courses, yum.

So far the people we have met are very nice.

Cheers, Diane

PS:  Our cabin, #103, is on the starbord (right) side of the boat on the lowest level, so our window looks out at just about water level.  So, on the nights when we dock on the starbord side, our view is a wall.  On the other nights, we have a nice view.

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