Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Bamberg Cathedral... Click for larger image

Bamberg (Bom'berg) is a city that was not destroyed during WWII, so it still has buildings built as early as 1237 (the Cathedral). 

Bamberg Cathedral yard and foot... Click for larger image Way back when they were building the cathedral, you couldn't go to Orchard Supply and buy a yard stick. They put these bolts in a block of stone. The two on the left mark an arm's length (about a yard). The one on the right marks the heel of the outline of a foot.

Bamberg Tour Guide... Click for larger image Bamberg Town Hall Lady... Click for larger image The weather was rainy, so I'm glad we brought Goretex jackets with hoods!  The guides don't seem to be bothered by a light rain.  They just stand in it and keep on talking. At this point he's explaining the lady with 4 breasts, one of the paintings on the Town Hall :-)

Bamberg Town Hall... Click for larger image This town has its Town Hall (construction started in mid-1400's) in the middle of a river.  The story is that the Bishop didn't want the bergers building their town hall on his land so they built it in the river, which the Bishop did not own.

Bamberg, aka Bamberg is called "Little Venice". You can see why in this picture. The fisherman used to navigate right into some buildings on the river.

We had a beer tasting.  Their local specialty is "smoked beer".  When you smell it it smells like smoked salmon, but it tastes okay.  I still prefer a good Pilsner.

Now we are back on board the ship and will sail this afternoon for Nurnberg.

Cheers, Diane

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