Sunday, April 3, 2005

Beyond the Sea

We went to see "Beyond the Sea" (reviewed here) this afternoon.  It's the Bobby Darin story, co-written, directed by, and starring Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey is one of my most favorite actors so I knew he was
talented.  I didn't know he could sing too.  He does all the singing in
the movie... very well.  Sometimes he looks just like Bobby Darin, and
sometimes he looks just like Kevin Spacey.

I would give this movie a B-, worth seeing, especially if you remember and liked Bobby Darin's music.

Now... about the Pageant Theater in Chico, CA....

The Pageant is
the only theater that shows consistently good movies in town.  It never
has the big blockbusters, but usually does get the smaller, independent
films.  The theater is small and has only one screen.

This is the second time we've shown up at the theater about 10
minutes before the time stated in the newspaper, only to be forced to
stand outside the theater in the rain for a half an hour
waiting for the doors to open.  The theater is understaffed with only
one person to take tickets, run the projector, clean up between shows,
and sell popcorn.  They only have one projector, I guess, because they
always have an intermission (while the reels are changed?).

Most of the time the one person on duty handles everything, barely.
But... if the first show starts late, then the second show (the one we
went to) starts late.  Since there is only one person to clean up and
take tickets, he is forced to lock the entrance doors while he waits
for the theater to empty so he can clean up after the previous patrons
and change the film.

We decided that we will only go to the 1st show when they show two
movies, and therefore we won't be forced to stand outside in Chico's
rain or blazing sun waiting for the other show to finish.

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