Friday, April 29, 2005

Danube Gorge & Regensburg

Today has been a very long day.

Benedictine Monestary on Danube... click for larger image Benedictine Mural (Columbus Discovers America)... click for larger image We took a bus this morning to a beautiful Benedictine Monestery in the Baroque style.  There were beautiful paintings, beautiful sculptures, gold covering half of the sculptures, frescoe on the ceiling, and a monk to tell us all about it. 

It wasn't damaged during WWII.  The Nazzis were going to destroy it to keep the Americans from getting it, but somebody changed their minds and it didn't happen.  We heard that the Catholic Church helped some of the Nazis escape Germany at the end of the war.  Maybe saving this monestary was part of the deal???

Danube River Ferry Boat... click for larger image Danube River Gorge... click for larger image Danube River Gorge... click for larger image

Next we took a ferry boat ride through a gorge on the Danube river (too small for our ship).  The scenery was spectacular! 

Next was a stop at a brewery for some pretzels, bratwurst and wheat bear.  YUM.  Nothing like being a little tipsy before lunch!

Regensburg Street... click for larger image We bussed back to the ship in Regensburg, had lunch, and set off on a walking tour of Regensburg.  This is an old Roman town, established around 500.   You can still see parts of the wall in various places around town.  The cathedral is called St. Peter's,  but I think it should be called St. Scaffold's as should so many other cathedrals in Europe.

Regensburg, Mercedes Camper (55,362 Euros)... click for larger image It's a great old town, but I couldn't hear what our local guide was saying.  We could have done just as well on our own. At one point we left the guide and happened upon a car sale in one of the town squares. This Mercedes camper was selling for over 55 thousand Euros. That's expensive!

Regensburg, Weight Watchers (not)... click for larger image We went grocery shopping for some German sweet mustard.  I noticed that they have Weight Watchers in Europe... now it's time for a rest and yet another lovely 4 course dinner!

Cheers, Diane

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