Saturday, April 23, 2005


Benz MuseumWe had a fun bus trip to Heidelberg today.  We stopped along the way at a Carl Benz auto museum.  There were lots of lovely old Mercedes, including the first car built by Mr. Benz for his own use.

Heidelberg Palace Heidelberg View Then we continued our bus trip to Heidelberg.  We visted the Heidelberg Castle on the summit of the Jettenbuhl Mountain... Lovely views of Heidelberg from this old ruin of a HUGE castle (or was it a palace?).


Then we walked through the old town and visited the university, even the "jail" where misbehaving students were kept as pennance for minor offenses, like insulting a professor or throwing rocks through windows.  (There were no women students at this university until 1900.)

Heidelberg MonkeyThis monkey is at the end of the old bridge in town.  He's holding a mirror.  I don't remember the story of the monkey in Germany, but I think it has something to do with vanity.  The head is empty so people can stick their head inside and have their picture taken :-)

We bussed back to Frankfurt where we reboarded the ship.  We are now on the Mains river, going through several locks on our way to the Danube.

This has been a good day :-)

Cheers, Diane

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