Thursday, April 21, 2005


We arrived in Koblenz before breakfast and docked at the confluenced of the Rhine and Moselle rivers.

Koblenz, Town History Statuel... click for larger image Koblenz, Walking Tour... click for larger image

We were taken on a walk through this lovely town.  It looks old; however, the buildings are new because they have been rebuilt since WWII.  Well, new to the Germans. 

Anything built after 1950 is new to them.  The statue on the left was interesting.  I shows the history of the town from the time the Romans rowed ashore until it was rebuilt after WWII.

Koblenz, Statue #1... click for larger image Koblenz, Statue #2... click for larger image They have several statues placed in little platzes around town.  Here are a couple more.  Each one has a story, but of course I have forgotten the stories.

They have three old churches which are good examples of Romanesque and Gothic styles of architecture.

Koblenz, walk near painted building... click for larger image After lunch we went on another walk on our own through town.  Didn't spend any money.  I think I have spent more money on drinks than anything else so far!

Tonight's entertainment was a group of folk dancers from the Rhine region -- which is very proud of its wine :-)

Cheers, Diane

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