Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Koln (Cologne)

Wednesday, April 20th

Still motoring up the Rhine river until lunch.   I spent most of the morning knitting in the lounge.

Koln Cathedral Reliquary... click for larger image After lunch there was a city tour of Koln (Cologne).  The big tourist attraction was the Kolner Dom (the cathedral).  It is HUGE, started during the 1200's and finished 600 years later in the 1800's.  Bombed and fired somewhat during WWII, also damaged by air polution... it is always under repair.  The huge gold reliquary is said to contain the remains of the three kings who presented gifts to Christ when he was born.

Koln, Old Roman well... click for larger image Then there was a walk around the old Roman part of Koln.   They have excavated quite a bit of the old Roman artifacts (tile mosaic floor, old Roman road, sewar system, wells, etc.).

Our tour guide, Alex, is sick but doing a pretty good job nonetheless.

Back on board there was a talk about "Modern Germany"... politics, etc.

Cheers, Diane

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