Thursday, April 28, 2005


Nurnberg, Hiter's Podium... click for larger image Nurnberg, Nazi Coloseum... click for larger image Nurnberg (American = Nuremberg) is the historical center of Nazi power.  We visited the place where Hitler stood to give speaches.  There were 7 sq. mi. of collosal structures, but only a couple of them were finished because WWII was costing them too much.

Nurnberg, Home of WWII War Criminal trials... click for larger image We visited the place where the Nurnberg Trials were held.  We couldn't go in because the building is still a judicial building and it was in use.

Nurnberg, View from the castle... click for larger image Then we visited the old city, dating from around the 1200's.  We hiked up to the castle on the hill and had a lovely view of the old city.

After lunch we visited a crafts market place that didn't impress either one of us. 

Nurnberg, German National Museum... click for larger image But after that we visited the German National Museum and were impressed with the lovely art... Rembrandt, Durer, etc.  They had a world globe which was made in 1492 -- before news of North America reached Germany, so there was no No. America on their globe (just ocean).

Now we are back on board the ship and headed for the next town.

Cheers, Diane

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