Saturday, April 30, 2005


Passau, Dancers in costume on the market square... click for larger image Passau, Church organ and ceiling... click for larger image Passau is another one of those picturesque old towns in Bavaria.  We saw these dancers on the market square. Cute knees!

And we visited a church with a huge organ and one of the most beautiful ceilings we saw on the whole trip.

This one is at the confluence of three rivers:  Danube, Inn, and Ilz.

Passau, River Melody ship... click for larger image Passau, view from the fortress... click for larger image We left the ship early and walked around town before catching the 10 o'clock shuttle to a fortress on a hill overlooking the confluence of the three rivers.

The fortress houses a rather large museum, but the reason I wanted to go there was for the view and photo opportunies.

Back in town we took another walk and found a few gift shops to browse through.

Passau, view on our way out of town... click for larger image Later in the afternoon we set sail down the Danube for Austria.  The scenery from the ship is spectacular.  This area is soooo green and forested, that it's a comfort to the eyes to watch. 

Tomorrow is our last day on the ship!!  We'll have a morning in Melk before arriving in Vienna.  After dinner we pack for a 5:30 AM(!) departure on Monday morning, Vienna time.

Cheers, Diane

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