Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Rothenburg Backyard Garden... Click for larger image

We had a day without much rain -- none that caught us while we were outside.  I call that a success.  This part of Europe is in the beginning of Spring, so their Forsythia is still in bloom and their daffodils are too.  Their gardens are beautiful.

On the bus ride from the boat to Rothenburg, I discovered that I had left my camera open and the battery had run down!  Idiot!!!

Rothenburg Lunch Restaurant... Click for larger image Rothenburg Backyard... Click for larger image A lady sitting close to me suggested a disposable camera -- good idea which I acted upon after lunch.

Rothenburg is a mideval city with an old wall going almost entirely around the city center.  We walked on part of the wall and enjoyed looking into people's back yards.

From one point on the wall we could see the Tauber river valley, which was beautiful.

Of course, there was shopping :-)

Rothenburg Children's Band... Click for larger image Rothenburg Listening and Waiting for the bus... Click for larger image When we returned to the place where we all met to depart the city there was a band of school children playing.  This was at the market square adjacent to their cathedral.  There were buildings all around the square and the acoustics were grand.

Now we are back on board and dinner will be served soon -- yet another meal in a long line of good meals.

Cheers, Diane

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