Friday, April 15, 2005


We went to see Sahara today (reviewed here).
It was a really fun movie with lots of laughs, action, and good
actors.   I'd give this one an A- for good, fun entertainment.

Some of the laughs were at themselves.  For example, when all three
of the action heroes were jumping from running camels onto a moving
train, there was James Bond music playing.

Speaking of music, there was lots of good rock and roll playing
too... Dr. John comes to mind right away, and each song was suitable
for the situation currently showing on screen.

Penelope Cruz played the female lead.  Matthew McConaughey plays
Clive Cussler's character, Dirk Pitt.  Jan has read some of Cussler's
work and says the movie follows the spirit of the book pretty closely.
This movie was so much fun that it makes me want to actually read a
Cussler book!

My two favorite acting jobs were done by Steve Zahn and William H. Macy, but everybody was good.

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