Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sampler Tabard Begins

I started knitting Cheryl Oberle's Sampler Tabard a few days ago.  The pattern is in a book called A Gathering of Lace, on pg. 90.  There's a picture from the book here. (Note: links may or may not still work as time passes.) And, here is my own version's beginning

So far I have made only one mistake that I'm aware of, and it's near
the bottom edge.  I'm not ripping out lace, and besides this yarn
doesn't like to be worked too many more times than once.

The yarn is a blend of cotton, linen, and rayon.  It's going to drape very nicely, I think.

... and then there was housework....

Today is house cleaning day, so I put clean sheets on my bed.  Persy and Ruso think clean sheets are the cats' meow.

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