Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunny Sunday

Today started with a walk in a U.S. Forest Service tree farm.
Their Spring flowers are happy, happy.  Most noticeable are daisies,
forget-me-nots, bearded iris, azaleas, and of course the trees.

Decades ago this place was planted with trees from all over the world.

For example, this stand of bamboo trees is a shady and cool place to sit during the summer.

They put log benches throughout... you'll be walking down a path and
there will be a little bench just off the path in the shade.  This is a
very pleasant place.

Near the entrance, and near every intersection in the pathways is a
sign that tells you to keep your dog on a leash.  There must be dozens
of these signs all over.  They really want people to leash their dogs.

Also near the entrance were these iris flowers.

Defying Gravity

Also on the agenda for the day was a play at CSU Chico, called
"Defying Gravity".  The program said it was an hour and a half with no
intermission.  I always suspect that no intermission means they are
afraid you'll leave if they give you a chance to go outside.  This play
lasted two hours.

Defying Gravity, by
Jane Anderson, depicts the experiences of seven fictional characters
whose lives, in the imagination of the playwright, are entwined with
the launch of the space shuttle Challenger on that fateful day in 1986.

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