Sunday, April 24, 2005


WertheimOnTauber Wertheim ( pronounced Ver'time) is a really charming little old town in the wine country situated between the Tauber and the Main rivers.  This, smaller, river picture is the Tauber.

WertheimIttickGlassShop WertheimSundayMorning After breakfast we went for glass blowing demonstration.  The glass blower, Mr. Ittick (sp?) was a comedian as well as an artist.  He and his wife have spent time in the US collaborating in the art glass demonstration at the Belagio Hotel.  His sense of humor was definitely american :-)  He said his demonstration was free, Internet access in his demo studio was free, coffee was free... But the bathroom costs $100!!  We all laughed at that :-)

Then we wondered around town, found our way into Mr. Ittick's wife's shop and bought some of his glass :-)

After lunch we went to visit a local home for tea or coffee and a visit with a local.  She was a nice lady in here mid-70's who had married an American soldier in the 1950's.  Now she is a "happy widow" and supplements her income by hostessing these visits.

We were going to walk up to the castle on the hill, but have run out of steam.

Tonight's entertainment on board the ship will be Zither music in the lounge... after which I should sleep well :-)

Cheers, Diane

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