Friday, May 27, 2005

Feels Like Summer

05/27 Thermometer This is no day to try hard labor.  During the noon hour it's 85F in the shade, and 100F in the sun, and it will warm up later in the day!

Butterfly Iris But, I tried some hard labor anyway, early in the morning, around 7 o'clock.  This is a plant that is too big for its spot, so I thought I could dig it up and separate it, planning to put about 30% of it back in the ground and give the rest to Leslie and Bill.

I picked.  I shoveled.  I pried.  I sweat.  I abused my shoulder.  Nothing worked.  I gave up and called the landscapers and they will come with their strong muscles and backs and do it for me. 

Now I'm thinking maybe a rose in this spot would be good.  There is lots of sun and roses can be kept in good shape with pruning... without having to dig up the entire bloody plant to do it!

You can see how close the neighbor's house is to mine.  Mine is yellow and theirs is pink.

05/27 Hydrangea ... and here is the hydrangea in full bloom.  I think the color on the blooms will deepen some as they mature.

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