Monday, May 2, 2005

I'm Back!

Well, the flight home wasn't too bad.  Coming home is easier for me than going to Europe.  We'll see how sleeping goes the next week or so.  Exercise and a lighter diet should help straighten me out.

A short review of this cruise/tour from Grand Circle Travel...

I don't think I'll travel with them on this type of trip again.  I wasn't compatible with most of the people on the cruise... different lifestyles.  I don't have children or grandchildren to brag about.  I don't much care for two weeks of small talk.  Women traveling without husbands are kind of odd, so the couples would really rather dine with other male/female couples.  I usually enjoy chatting with men more than women (30+ years working with men makes it so), but if I get chummy with a man, the wife gets defensive pretty quickly.  I couple of times I wanted to say a wife, "Trust me, he's not my type."

Grand Circle switched boats, dates, and cabin numbers on us, which was not okay. 

The guided walking tours around the various old cities were interesting, but several times I couldn't hear the tour guide... or it was raining and I was not pleased to be standing out the cold.  If I were not on a tour, then I could chose to do something else during the rain... like have some good German beer and wait for the rain to stop.

German beer is the best in the world, in my humble opinion :-)

The dollar is fast becoming a 2nd class monetary unit -- both the Euro and UK's Pound are worth more than the US dollar, so when you shop in Europe it's pretty darned expensive.

Europe is still beautiful, but I think I'd chose a different way to do it next time.

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