Thursday, June 9, 2005

Around the yard

20050609 Rosebud... click for larger image. 20050609 Sunflower... click for larger image. 20050609 Angel... click for larger image.

I didn't take the pictures I meant to take at the library... too busy.  But I did take these pictures in the back yard.

The rosebud is the only rose blooming right now.

The Sunflower is a volunteer that resulted from feeding the birds.  I'm hoping it will open and be beautiful during the summer, and maybe even provide some food for the birds.

The Angel is a gift from Jan's nephew to her for her birthday.  Yes, the watering can is backwards, but that's how it was hung, so that's how it stays... unless maybe I go out there and fix it.

The weather is sultry today.  I think the rain is over, for now.  The temperature is in the mid-70's, but the humidity is 60%!

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