Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Garden Update

Whacked Water Line ... click for larger image. Whacked Water Line ... click for larger image. The gardeners cut some of the water lines while they were whacking away at the plants in my front yard.  Big frown here!  I called the company and they will be by tomorrow to fix the two places they cut through.

PS:  Here it is June 17th, 2 days later, and the water system still hasn't been repaired.  Thank goodness it's raining!

Full Sail has white blooms ... click for larger image. Full Sail tree rose ... click for larger image. Tada!  Here is the new rose in the family.  It's a tree rose, called "Full Sail".  The blooms are white and they are described as having a honeysuckle aroma.  Whatever it is, it's nice.

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