Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hired Help

In my neighborhood we share a gardening service for the common front yards.  It's inexpensive and they come every week to "mow and blow".  That's the good news. 

Whack job... click for larger image. The bad news is they occasionally come by unannounced and use their power hedge trimmers to trim the hedges.  It's not like they actually prune the plants in an intelligent way.  They just whack away.  I hate the shaved look right after.  This is what they did to the front walk yesterday.  Persy isn't fond of it either.  Sammy doesn't care.

Since they do us as a group, it's very difficult to ask them to treat one yard differently than the others.  I've given up.  At least they didn't shave the forsythia.

The iris is gone... click for larger image. Also in the front yard is the crater created when the landscaper removed the iris plant I asked him to remove.  Now I have a wheelbarrow full of iris plant in the back yard waiting for Bill and Leslie to come pick up.  I'm planning to put a rose in its spot, and may order one today.

Volunteer Sunflower... click for larger image. The volunteer sunflower is blooming, and there are many buds which might open as well.  It's very summery and bright.

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