Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Vacuuming today -
Push the Kenmore back and forth.
Don't forget to mop.

While doing the housework this morning it occurred to me that the time for my shoulder surgery is coming sooner than I thought.  It's scheduled for July 18th, a Monday.  So what can I do with one arm?  I can drive, eat, walk, volunteer at the library to help people with the Internet computers, watch TV, read, and maybe knit.

What I can't do is lift my arm up, so I can't work at the library's circulation desk, vacuum, mop, swim, wash my hair (?).  I called somebody recommended by my cousin to do the vacuuming and mopping.  Her name is Wanda.  If she can do the work, then I shall call her Wonderful Wanda.

Weather is super today.  The roses are bursting out all over and there are several vases of them around the house, thanks to Jan.

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