Saturday, June 25, 2005

Interweave Knits, Fall 2005

IK Cover, Fall 2005... click for larger image. I received my Fall, 2005, issue of Interweave Knits today.  Fall knitting magazines are the fat issues with lots of ads for yarn... the issue they want you to use to make your sweaters for Fall/Winter 2005-2006.

It's easy to be critical of other peoples' designs.  So, what have I designed for myself or others (socks)?  What patterns have I written for other people to use (none)?

Now that I've got the humility out of the way...

There isn't much I liked for myself in this issue.  Many sleaves are bell shaped at the cuff.  Those sleaves are just way too easy to drag through your dinner and impossible to push up your arms to get them out of the way.  Current fashion - bah!

But, there were some things I liked.  A couple of the staff-designed ponchos were nice wraps for wearing around the house in the winter.  There was a pair of socks by Nancy Bush that I liked.  (Nancy Bush is a sock goddess.)

If I were younger I'd like a wrap designed by Pam Allen.  It's a ballet-style wraparound sweater trimmed in fluffy yarn.  Again with those loose sleaves!

For those of us with a laptop computer, there is a felted wool laptop case... kinda cool.

I must be getting old, or perhaps it's because I live in a climate that doesn't get very cold, but I wouldn't make any of the sweaters in this issue.

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