Thursday, June 16, 2005

Math is a good thing

I am making a chemo cap.  It's the first crocheting I've done in a very long time.  I followed the instructions, but my gauge is not the same as the pattern maker assumes.  So, the hat wasn't right (too small).  Since I'm not an expert crocheter I decided I needed some help.  I knew I wanted the hat to have about a 21.5" head circumference, but didn't know what the diamter should be.  If I knew the diamter, then I could just keep making the top of the hat until it was the right size and then begin working downward toward the brim.  I decided to see if I could find out what the diamter should be.

Geometry was never my strong point in high school.  Back then, way back then, I couldn't figure out why I would ever need to know the diameter of a circle.  Finally, there is a use for it!  I found a website.  I plugged the formula into an Excel spreadsheet and presto(!)... now I know the diamter should be almost 7", about 6 5/6".  Who knew Pi could be your friend?

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