Friday, June 10, 2005

Star Wars & Motorcycle Diaries

We saw two movies today - Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith & The Motorcycle Diaries.

I didn't like the Star Wars movie nearly as much as the reviewers did, but the ending of this movie does make me want to see the first Star Wars movie again.  The first three Star Wars movies happen "after" the last three Star Wars movies, so the story is actually told out of sequence.  The current movie ends just before the first movie begins.  Confusing, eh what?  I'd give this one a C+ because I was tired of all the fight scenes and I thought the acting was pretty bad.  They could have done better.

I did like The Motorcycle Diaries (DVD from Netflix).  It's the story of a young Ernesto (Che) Quevara and his friend Alberto Granado.  These young friends take a trip all the way up the western side of South America, and along the way Quevara's political beliefs are formed.  It was a beautiful travel log of South America, tracing the exact trip that was made by the two young men in 1952.

I didn't realize that Che Quevara was an almost graduated medical student, and during this trip they spent some time volunteering in a leper colony. 

It makes me want to know more about his story.  I give this one an A+

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