Tuesday, July 5, 2005

It's hot

05/27 Thermometer
I've been playing with ways to add a weather picture on my blog. So far I've had no luck. Both Weather.com and Accuweather.com will give you an image that displays the current temperature, but it's too big. For example, here is weather.com's:

It's too big and it doesn't format correctly :-( I finally decided to just add a link to the National Weather Service on the right under "Links" above. See?

Anyway, it's hot here in Chico today. Ernest and Malcolm came to wash my windows today. They finished just as it was really heating up. Both of them were pretty sweaty and I'm sure they were looking forward to cold showers. My windows are sparkly, and the screens are clean. ... and all the curtains are closed and the air conditioner is turned on, so I can't really see those sparkly windows.

Oh, by the way, Ernest told me that several of the seals on my double paned windows are failing. Jan says it's time to sell and get out while the getting is good. There is a neighbor in the next block who is trying to sell a house like mine for about $350K more than I paid for mine. So far no sale pending sign is displayed on his overpriced house.

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