Sunday, July 10, 2005

London Tube Poster

Simply Markets Poster

Here is a poster we bought while traveling in London several years ago.  I've always loved it because it shows humanity, flowers, and brings pleasant memories of trips on the London Tube back to mind.  I was taking pictures this morning because I have a new tripod and I wanted to see how it worked.  I took a picture of this poster and London came to mind.

Only this time it wasn't pleasant memories that popped into my consciousness, but images of bomb damage.  I hate terrorists that finance, plan and execute these attacks.  I don't think they deserve any civil rights or humane treatment.

But you know why we should give them humane treatment and protect their civil rights?  For ourselves... so we don't begin to resemble them in any way.  Revenge is sweet, but it doesn't make us better people, nor does it take away the pain most of us are feeling.

Tripod picture

Playing with the new tripod...

Double Delight Rose Picture Sunflower Picture

Since I'm zeroing in on "Senior", my hands aren't as steady as they used to be, so I ordered a tripod.  It does help.  I think these taken in the garden this morning are less blurry than some of the others I've taken recently.

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