Sunday, July 10, 2005

Love Song For Bobby Long

Love Song Tonight's film was Love Song For Bobby Long (2004) (DVD from Netflix).

It's about a cast of characters in a rundown New Orleans slum.  The three main characters are Pursy, a young girl (Scarlett Johansson); Bobby, an alcoholic and charming ex literature prof (John Travolta); and Lawson, an alcoholic writer (Gabriel Macht).  They all share a house left to Pursy by her mother.  There are moments of happiness, sadness, anger, serenity, and love.  18-year-old Pursy shows up after her mother's death to claim her house.  She's surprised to find two drunks still living in the house.  The relationship of these three to each other, and how each of them changes or doesn't change over a year or so is what the movie is about.

The review (link above) in the NY Times is better at describing the movie.  They didn't like it as much as I did.  I'd give it an A-.

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