Friday, July 29, 2005

Must Love Dogs

Must Love Dogs We went to see Must Love Dogs today at the local multi-screen theater.

It had dogs, love, and laughs.  I like the leads John Cusack and Diane Lane, both smart and fun to watch.  Stockard Channing plays a 61 year old woman in this one.  Is she that old?  I guess so... I found a biography that says she was born on 2/13/44 (another Aquarius, good people).  My how time flies when you're having a life!

Must Love Dogs is about finding love after divorce.  Diane Lane dates several people who are not right.  We always know that John Cusack is the right guy, but they don't manage to come together until the end.  I guess that's the formula for a romance book as well as a movie.

I give this one a B- because nothing about it offended me and it was fun.

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