Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Camera Broke

My refurbished camera, purchased last October, came with a 90 day warranty.  Now it's kaput.  Blast and damn!

It's an Olympus C-60 with the lens cover that slides back and forth to power on and off the camera.  The lens cover sliding back and forth also allows the lens to go in and out of the camera.  When the power is off, then lens hides inside the camera.  Right now the lens cover does not cause the lens to go back into the camera and allow the lens cover to go all the way closed.  I have to wait for Monday before I can call Olympus service to ask what I should do.

Oregon Foxglove So, I got out my trusty Olympus C-700 to make sure its battery was good.  I'm going on vacation soon and cannot leave without a working camera!  I found some pictures from a vacation to Oregon...  200 of them.

Anyway, the service info for Olympus is:

Telephone hotline:
Monday - Friday,
8:30am-7:00pm Eastern Time

I'm really hoping they can tell me some magic combination of buttons to push in order to resusitate my C-60, but if they can't I'll be happy to take the C-700.

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  1. PS: I sent the camera to them on Monday after a short phone call to Olympus. They will call or email with cost of repair.