Monday, July 11, 2005

My Neighbor was Robbed

You read about people being robbed at gunpoint, but usually it happens in somebody else's neighborhood.  Not this time.  Last night the couple across the street woke up at 3 in the morning to find a young man pointing a gun at them.  He demanded cash, which they provided, and nobody was hurt.  It was definitely the talk of the neighborhood this morning!

The robber was a young white man in his 20's, and he didn't wear a mask, so he wasn't very smart the newspaper the next morning says he wore a mask, was about 5'2".  My neighbors had left their side gate unlocked and also had not locked their patio sliding glass door.  It's hot here so many people leave their windows open at night.  The funny thing is that my neighbors have a yappy little dog that never shuts up.  I wonder why the dog didn't warn his keepers?

I'm glad I have a security system and no side gate!  Selling this house is looking better all the time, but I don't know where I'd move to.  Salem, OR, maybe?  I'll definitely look around when I'm on vacation this summer!

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