Friday, July 22, 2005

New Yarn Shop in Chico, CA

I found a new yarn shop in Chico yesterday.  Actually it's been around for over a year, but was at a different location for a while.  This shop is even within a long walk from my house!  It's called Heartstrings Yarn Studio, and the owner, Joanne Wilson, was very nice.  She has a large collection of good yarn as well as a nice collection of every day yarn.  Joanne says there are social knitting gatherings, as well as classes.  It's clean and well lit.  Very nice.  She will give The Yarn Basket, which is the old established shop in town, a run for their money!

Sirdar SnuggleSince one must always support the local yarn shops, I picked out some yarn for Kim-the-hair cutter's baby blanket.  It's Sirdar Snuggly Tiny Tots in kind of a lavender with pastel accents.  This is not a yarn I would have chosen, but Kim says she's going to have a fru-fru little girl this time (test done for verification).  I would probably have chosen a nice pink, but Kim is the kind of person who puts color streaks in her hair, so I thought she might like this better.

Bryspun Circulars I was careful to buy the yarn and finish my business before I browsed too much through the needles.  It was no use.  I found a new needle I haven't seen before and bought it :-)  It's a Bryspun Bry-Flex Circular Needle (4.0 mm, 29" long).  Bryspun needles are made by T.C. Forge, Inc., Salem, Oregon, and distributed by Bryson Distributing, Eugene, Oregon.  It's almost like supporting a local business since Oregon is just one state away.

These are supposed to be easier on the hands than metal needles, more flexible.  I'll use them for Kim's baby blanket.

PS: You feel stuck with your debt if you can't budge it.

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