Thursday, July 28, 2005

Parasites in Cat Heaven

Today was a big day for the cats.  All three of them went to the Chico Hospital for Cats.

Ruso First Ruso went because he's been sick with diarrhea (need to find a scientific name for this that doesn't sound like 'poops a lot everywhere').  The vet, visiting Dr. Vicki Thayer, sent us home with medicine to treat the symptoms and instructions to bring in a sample for analysis.  Don't ask how, but very soon after arriving home Ruso provided a sample.  I took the sample in and later in the day received a call that Ruso's intestines were being visited by a common parasite... and oh, by the way, it's very contagious... were any other cats in the house having similar symptoms?  No, I said, and went to pick up medication for killing parasites in Ruso.

Persy Shortly after returning home I saw that Persy was indeed having symptoms.  So, I called back and asked if I could have some parasite killer for two more cats.  Sure I could, but I would have to bring them in to be weighed and examined.

Sammy I stuffed Sammy in a carrier first.  Poor unsuspecting boy didn't know what was coming.  Soon Persy was stuffed in her carrier and off we went to the vet.  Both were weighed and medicine dispensed.  I blame Sammy for this infestation because he's the one that wonders around the fields and stays out carousing all night.

At the end of the day I have spent $180 on cat parasites and neither the cats nor I have had a good day.  While I was reaching in to get Persy out of the carrier at the vet's I stretched in an awkward way and did something painful to my newly operated upon shoulder.

Notes on the photos:  The first two, Ruso and Persy, were taken in Aptos where it is cool all the time and cats can develop nice fluffy coats.  The last one of Sammy was taken in early Spring here in Chico, also a time when coats are fluffy and thick.  Now, July in Chico, their coats are thin and not quite so fluffy looking.  I'm having a moment of home sickness for the coast of California....

PS: Practice safe eating.  Always use condiments.

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