Sunday, July 24, 2005

SF Giants vs FLA Marlins

Pat in Jack London Square Oakland Ferry TerminalWe went to San Francisco today to see the SF Giants play the Florida Marlins (Major League Baseball).  About a third the way we picked up a couple of friends, Pat and Donna.

We got to Oakland in plenty of time to catch the ferry from one side of the SF Bay to the other.  In fact we were a little early to the ferry terminal so we wandered around a craft fair in Jack London Square.  Eventually the ferry arrived and off we went to SBC Park in San Francisco.

Oakland Estuary
Relief Ship It was a beautiful day - not too hot!  The Oakland Estuary is a nicely sheltered harbor area.  There are pleasure boats (left) and relief ships all sharing the same area.

SBC Park Ball Field
SBC Park SBC Park is a great baseball park!  From our seats in the "View" section (i.e, way high up) we could see the ball field and also the bay and San Francisco.

These two pictures show the ball park.  The one on the left is taken from our seats.  The one on the right is taken from the ferry boat on our way back to Oakland after the game.  The ferry dropped us off right at the park before the game and picked us up in the same place afterwards.

One of the vendors selling BBQ (very good) is also a friend of Pat's, Donna's, and Jan's.  We stopped to say hi and pick up lunch.  Then we went to our seats to enjoy the game.

The game was actually a disappointment.  The Giants lost 1 to 4.  The Marlins even had 3 errors and we couldn't score more than 1 run.  The Marlins had 3 home runs.  Thank goodness they were all solo home runs or the score would have been even more dismal.

The high point of the day was spending time with friends, enjoying the weather and the view.

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