Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Stuck inside

The temperature on the front porch was 98 at 1:51.  Now it's 101 at 2:30.  The front porch is in the shade, so it's another scorcher.  I guess I don't mind staying in, as my shoulder is still recovering... 2nd day after operation day and I have quit the Narco pain pills and switched to ibuprofen (50 Narco pills left over - what a waste!).  I'm able to swing my arms and to raise them over my head, if I do it slowly and not too often :-)

I'm a little surprised that neither the hospital nor the doctor's office has called to check up on me, and I'm disappointed that the doctor's office didn't give me some physical therapy.  I had to go find my own, which is fine, I guess.   These exercises are very much like the ones the physical therapist gave me a while ago when I was trying to heal my shoulder without having an operation, so I'll just go with these and do what I can.  I'll talk to the doctor when I go in for my post-op appointment next Wednesday.

Good Luck Charms Since I'm stuck inside, I thought I'd share these good luck charms that sit on the loft's ledge.  The cat is jade. The rabbit is carved from a nut like the one in back.  The coyote, arrow head, and bear are all native American purchased in the Southwest on one vacation or another.  So far they have been doing their job, and I have had a lucky life.

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