Friday, July 1, 2005

Two Rants

First... my Treo 650:

I received my replacement PalmOne Treo 650 yesterday.  The original was returned to PalmOne because the phone application screen kept freezing, stopped responding, took up all the processing cycles, and made the thing generally unusable.

I put my battery and phone SIM card in Treo #2 and turned on the phone.  I checked my phone messages... so far so good.  I took a picture of a rose on my desk and set that as my phone's wallpaper.  I left the phone on all night to see if it would live.

When I got up for my jog in the pool this morning I had a frozen phone!  I find it hard to believe that this is a hardware problem again.  It feels like a software problem.  During the night the Cingular signal is weak.  I think the phone application on the Treo looses touch with Cingular and then just loops and loops and loops waiting for a soothing touch from Cingular.

I guess I can call PalmOne again and tell them my sad tail, but I don't think I'm going to get much satisfaction.  I think I just spent $500 for a toy that doesn't work... a POS of the first order!

Second... the current administration:

During the prez's recent speech, "new directions in Iraq", he tried to connect 9/11 to Iraq in the nation's consciousness.

The current administration has a practice of repeating what they want
you to believe over and over again until they think they have you
convinced.  It's like advertising.  I don't like dumb advertising and I
don't like dumb messages from my president.

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