Friday, August 5, 2005

Arrived in Discovery Bay, Washington

Toasting on arrival This picture is Jan and I toasting all vacationers out there... from
our balcony at Discovery Bay. I took it with my phone camera, so the
quality is stinky, but you get the idea.

We traveled from Salem to the
Olympic Peninsula, about 250-ish miles. First we poked around Salem
and Keisar looking at houses under $300K - nothing that must be had,
but Kaisar does have an OK development on a private lake. Lakefair Dr?

Rocky Brook Falls, near Brinnin, WA Along the way we stopped and looked at a couple of water falls.  First was Cushman Falls.  We had a hard time seeing it on the side of the gravel road.  We found a small runoff and thought that was the falls -- not impressive.  When we turned around and headed back we saw the real falls, which was much nicer, but I didn't get a picture of it.  Next stop was Rocky Brook Falls (Forest Road 261 off Hwy 101 near Brinnon).  This was a nice falls and worth taking a picture.

The drive up here was beautiful!
We visited the town of Sequim for grocery shopping... Cute little touristy town.

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