Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bainbridge Island, Bloedel Reserve

We drove over to Bainbridge Island to visit the Bloedel Reserve. It's a
beautiful estate containing woods and formal gardens as well.
It took us a couple of hours to saunter through it.

Afterwords we had
lunch at a diner in Winslow. Winslow is a very pretentious little town.
The yarn shop I found was too good to carry plain old Regia sock yarn.

Here are the pictures from the visit to Bloedel:

Bloedel BarnThey were very organized, suggested we stay on the path, etc.  This is the beginning.  They had his and hers barns.  This was hers - used for sheep.  His was used to store lumber.  The grass and tree show that the flowering season is just about over, so we didn't expect to find many flowers.

Bloedel Hydrangea Bloedel morning glory But there were some flowers... Hydrangeas and morning glories to name two.

Bloedel boardwalk Bloedel Pitcher Plant Bloedel coral-root orchid One of the pathways was a boardwalk over a boggy area.  The Pitcher Plants shown here are carnivorous plants that eat insects to "beef up" their diet.  The orchid, on the right, is a rare coral-root orchid.  There are several of them here, but the environment (tree growth, etc.) is changing so there are fewer of them each year.

Bloedel Japanese Garden Bloedel pool In the formal section of the estate are the Japanese Gardens.  And the pool is one I fantasize about doing laps in.

It was a beautiful way to spend a couple of hours.  If we had come in late spring the rhododendrons and azaleas would have been blooming.  Maybe next time....

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