Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dog Days Garden

I'm still playing with my new camera, so here are some pictures from the garden this morning.

August Fountain August Rosemary Here's the fountain.  The ground around it is dry and only the most sun loving plants will bloom.

... like the rosemary bush on the right.

Double Delight Gardenia Another sun loving plant is, of course, the rose.  This Double Delight is new this year.  Its blooms are smallish, but we hope with care and feeding it will be more robust... or maybe we just planted it in a too shady spot.

A shade loving plant is the gardenia, which is still making timid blooms.  This gardenia is in a mostly shady spot which happened to be in the sun when I clicked the shutter button.

The weather man says it's only going to be 94F, with sunset at 7:51PM.  Come ON, Fall!

In America, Anyone Can Be President.  That's One of the Risks You Take.

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