Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Last Day in Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay Sock I finally finished Vanese's socks! Now I can go home and wash them and send
them on to their permanent home. They turned out well, except for the
hopefully minor errors. I have yet to make a pair of error-free socks,
but they wear well, so I guess they're okay.

Earlier today we went to the Happy Valley Alpaca Farm. It's a small mom
and pop farm. I saw three alpacas and 3 llamas. There were two alpacas
off being bred now. Of course, I bought a little fiber from an alpaca
named Lucinda, one of the ones being bred.  With 5 oz of fiber I guess
I can make a nice scarf or hat. We'll see if this every gets done!

It's been a nice trip. Now there will be two days of driving... with a
stop in Carlton, OR, and some shopping at Woodland Woolworks :-)

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