Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Macey's Baby Blanket

Gauge Swatch I started Macey's blanket.  The gauge swatch, to the left, has three different stitch patterns in it so I could see which one I liked best.  "A" is basketweave; "B" is a diamond pattern which is almost invisible in this yarn; and "C" is Double Basket pattern.  All three are from Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns.  I liked "A", Basketweave, because the little pastel flecks show nicely.

The color isn't exactly true here.  The yarn is a lavender with bright accents.

With gauge swatch in hand I did the calculations for how much yarn I would need to do a blanket approximately 30 X 40 inches.  It works out to 10 balls, and I only had 4.  Oh, darn... another trip to the yarn store :-)  I was lucky and picked up 5 more and kept one in reserve at the store.

Since I wanted to rest my shoulder anyway, I spent much of the day knitting.  Here's the result:

Baby blanket begun I cast on 151 stitches and started the work.  So far I have about 3.5 in. done.

Macey is a baby girl who is due in October, daughter of Kim who is my hair cutter.  I was scheduled to have a haircut today, but it was canceled because Kim is having contractions (Macey is 31 weeks old).  I hope Macey waits until October; otherwise the blanket won't be done in time and the weather would be too warm even if the blanket were done.

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