Friday, August 26, 2005

Macey's Blanket at 14.5 inches

Macey's Blanket I spent a good part of the day knitting on Macey's baby blanket.  It's about 28" wide, which is a little narrower than I had intended - let's hope it stretches with use.  And, it's about 14 1/2 inches long.  It has taken about 3 balls of yarn so far, so ultimately I'll need almost 9 balls, which is pretty close to the amount I calculated in the beginning :-)  Math is a good thing.

So, a day of knitting includes the television.  I watched:

  • some bad women's tennis.  It took Amelie Mauresmo (ranked 3, from Switzerland born in France) three sets to beat Anabel Medina Garriques (ranked 33, from Spain).  Of course, how bad can tennis be when played at the pro level?

  • a movie on HBO.  It was called "Silent Fall" about a psychologist who tries to help an autistic child tell who killed his parents (Richard Dreyfuss, Liv Tyler, et more).  I'd give it a C+.  At least it didn't distract me too much while knitting.

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