Monday, August 8, 2005

Olympic National Park

Olympic Mountains and Glaciers

ONP Road Olympic Lupin We went to the Olympic National Park's to Hurricane Ridge today.  This was our
first stop in the park, and the drive up the road was wonderful.  At the top we took a little walk
to see flowers at the sub-alpine level.

Olympic short old tree The conditions are so harsh up there that the glaciers are still there and 200 year old trees are only twice as tall as the average person - about 12 feet tall.

Madison Falls Marymere Falls Our next stop as at the Elwha River Valley where we had a picnic.
After lunch we took a quick walk to a Madison Falls.  It was a nice
little falls and an easy, paved path.
Then it was on to Lake Crescent, and a longer "hike" to Marymere
Falls.  It was easy most of the way and steep for the last 1/8th of a
mile.  The trail was crowded with adults and children, but it wasn't so
bad, and the falls were very pretty.
I took pictures everywhere and used the tripod most of the time.  My
old hands are getting a little shaky for free hand camera use.

Finally, we stopped for iced tea at the Lake Crescent Lodge.  They have
a nice sun room where we sat and watched the kids swim in the lake.
It was a good day.

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