Thursday, August 25, 2005

Olympus C-60 in the trash

I received my Olympus C-60 back from Olympus today.  I sent it to them a few weeks ago because it was broken (lens wouldn't close, camera not operational).  They needed an okay from me before they did the repair.  I declined the repair and asked them to return the broken C-60 to me.  Here's why.

They told me it would cost $155 to repair my camera.  I bought it reconditioned from Olympus and it was no longer under warranty.  I originally paid just a little more than the cost of repair, so it didn't make sense to repair something that had probably been repaired once already.  I had a lemon camera and throwing good money after bad didn't make sense to me.

I just put the camera in the trash, and to put it politely, I'm disappointed in the high cost of repair charged by OlympusAmerica.

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